The best social media sites differ for each company. You will need to find where your audience spends its time online and create a strategy that targets it. A good bet is using a combination of a blog, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Your demographic probably uses at least one of these platforms. They are the most popular social media platforms and are user friendly. Blogs in particular have a long “shelf life” on the Internet and can be archived and found through search engines.

Next, consider creating a social media policy or plan. Once you’ve identified the platforms, assess how much time you can devote to using them. If you only have 15 minutes a day, Twitter is probably your best option for keeping customers informed of news and updates. 30 minutes can allow for Facebook updates, such as pictures of events and products. If you have more than 30 minutes, consider crafting a blog post with interesting information about your company or helpful hints and techniques for your customers. You can create articles from your blog posts and add them to article submission sites to spread the word on your company beyond your followers and customers. Even one blog post a week can work wonders.

Here are some quick tips on making the most of your time:

  1. It’s not about who posts the most. It’s about who stands out. Find a niche or an angle that makes you unique so you become a leading knowledge source.
  2. Take five minutes to answer questions via social media. You will engage followers and potential customers, and show you care about questions and feedback.
  3. Be sure all of your social media platforms work together. Keep your messages consistent and link back and forth between platforms. You’ll best maximize your time this way.

Keep these time-saving techniques in mind and use them to revamp your current social media actions.