This morning, I wrote the following sentence to emphasize to a coworker the importance of brevity in copywriting:

At a time when copywriters are becoming more and more web-savvy (and learning the styles and modes of communication native to the new digital era–though perhaps some prefer the older mediums and styles), it’s always important (perhaps even vital) that we keep in mind that being too wordy (that is, using lots and lots and lots of words to express your ideas–even very clever ones) can be a detriment to readers (whether business men, stay-at-home moms, or college students–whoever is reading your copy) especially when their attention spans–already very short by the culture of web surfing–are fleeting at best: raising the very important question (perhaps the question of questions for a copywriter): can I express this idea in fewer words and clauses or is my idea so profoundly complex and brilliantly conceived (which can certainly happen at times) that being inordinately verbose is worth all the risks of losing readers (however great those risks may be at certain times–especially in our times when readers will often spend 15-30 seconds reading an article–or even an eBook!)–all of which yields the paramount realization that sometimes sentences can indeed be (as difficult as it is to accept and as hard as it is to fully and satisfactorily swallow) too long.

Let us know if you agree!