About 2 years ago I was looking for a couple ways to cut down monthly bills. “15 Minutes could save you 15%” echoed through my mind, so I gave Geico a call.

At the time, they weren’t able to save me money. But they haven’t given up so easy. Since then I’ve received mail from them every week or two.

Dissing Direct Mail

If you read that and thought “Those Geico jerks pester me too!”, you’re like 99.99999%  of people I know. Everyone seems to HATE direct mail.

The thing is, Geico has been working direct mail for years, and they seem to be pretty successful with it. So successful, that Warren Buffett has owned them since 1996. And he’s not the kind of guy who sticks with a bad investment for long.

So why do it if people hate it so much?

The Key: High-Value Mail

The difference is in the value.

Yes, most of the junk mail we get is truly junk. It’s not targeted, not personalized, and doesn’t give the reader any reward for opening it.

Just sales pitch after sales pitch after sales pitch.

But let me introduce a concept that we’ve seen work at Burst time after time.

I call it High Value Mail

What’s the Difference?

Here are some results from high-value mail campaigns we’ve done in the last year:

  • 600% boost in sales (year over year)
  • 8 times typical response results
  • Significant, almost immediate return on investment

The difference between these campaigns and the typical huge, obnoxious postcard you’re used to receiving is in the details. Just by opening the piece, each reader received some kind of value.

For instance:

  • Some were exciting. A clever outer envelope built excitement with readers, and offered a little surprise in the open. This one got an unbelievable response rate.
  • Some included a unique freebie. A branded lunchbox filled with little goodies showed that our client understood their customer. This one delivered more than 3 times the ROI our client was looking for.
  • Some included an offer. A chance to win an iPad by booking with our client was a little reward for something the customer needed to do anyway. This one increased sales 6 times (year over year)
  • Some are highly personalized. First and last names, photos of items the reader owns, and other tailored points of interest prove that our client knows what the individual reader wants. This one resulted in 3 new, profitable strategic referral relationships.

Don’t Give Up on Pens

Ever buy a box of cheap pens only to find out that most of them don’t work?

What did you do? Throw up your hands, decide that pens are a waste of money, and swear to use only pencils for the rest of your life?

Probably not.

You probably just bought a different brand of pens.

Don’t give up on traditional marketing tactics just because 95% of your competitors do it poorly. In fact, that’s a great reason to jump in and do it better.

Instead, approach it with a high value mail mindset and consider if there’s a way your business could use it to grow.

Some Previous Results

Here’s some more info on high-value mail campaigns Burst has done in the past.