Remember driving to the video store to rent a movie? Remember when you had to visit the record store to buy new tunes by your favorite artists?  Oddly enough, those days aren’t that far behind us. Digital technology, however, has moved so quickly that video and record stores feel like distant memories.

Even books have moved to digital formats, causing a revitalization in the publishing industry.  Many industry experts also see video games becoming cloud-based services in the near future.

Digital technology makes it so easy to transmit large amounts of information via the Internet that it makes sense for many industries to jump on this bandwagon. If your business sells items that don’t require a physical form, chances are that you will use digital distribution methods in the near future as well.

How Digital Distribution Can Change Your Business

If you work in the music, movie, book, or video game industries, then you already have experience with how digital distribution can change business models overnight. It’s the kind of game-changer that forces every business to reevaluate its priorities and explore new distribution options.

Even if you work in an industry that doesn’t rely on digital media, you could still take advantage of the benefits that digital distribution offers. Let’s say you own a beauty salon that specializes in fashionable haircuts. You could use digital distribution technology to help your clients choose hairstyles before they even come to your place of business.

Some websites already let customers upload pictures of themselves so they can try on new styles without making any commitments. It’s a great way to communicate with your clients, keep them interested in exploring new options, and show them that you’re invested in using the latest technology to meet their needs.

Online Ordering for Every Business

You could also use digital technology to improve your online ordering system. Even a business that still sells vinyl records can use Internet technology to make ordering easier for clients. Or perhaps you could make an app that helps customers find new musicians that appeal to their tastes.

The options are nearly limitless. Using digital technology in this way may not turn your business into the next iTunes.  But it can make you a more appealing option to consumers looking for convenient ways to explore their options and purchase items.

Plus you get to put a cool new look on your business. And when’s the last time that hurt a company’s popularity?