On this Labor Day weekend we recognize the contributions of American workers.

With news this week that the national unemployment rate has risen to 9.7%, there are, unfortunately, fewer of them. And it really says something when over 200,000 jobs lost counts as good news.

But things could be worse, much worse. For all the hoopla given the trillion or so dollar stimulus package, when all is said and done, the real heroes to emerge will be American bosses.

Those entrepreneurs, owners and managers who’ve had to make gut-wrenching decisions about others’ livelihoods while enduring their own uncertainly over how they will care for their families.

Hail Boss!

It’s these bosses who have seen their life’s work eroded. Who have watched the Internet steal their customers overnight. Who have watched overseas competitors drive prices down. Who have been forced to accept worse and worse health insurance for more and more money – affecting everyone in their companies.

And they know many of these changes are permanent.

They know that even when the economy stabilizes they’ll be forced to modernize their businesses and find a new formula for success.

Such is the plight of owning and managing a business.

So this Labor Day, let’s hear it for the bosses. Without them, there wouldn’t be any jobs at all.

Posted by: Steve Banis